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Brake service is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. When it comes to operating a fleet

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Brake Repair Service Overview

Brake service is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. When it comes to operating a fleet, scheduled maintenance for brakes means one less thing to think (and worry) about. Keep your trucks running smoothly, keep drivers safe on the road, and keep productivity high.

But over time, your brakes wear out. Brake pads need to be replaced and brake fluid refilled. How can you tell when your truck needs brake service or replacement? When you know the signs, you can stay ahead of wear and tear to keep your diesel truck at peak performance.

At United Fleet Services in St. Louis, MO, we make it our mission to provide our valued customers with cost-effective and timely brake service for their light, medium, and diesel trucks. Our repair shop is well-equipped with the latest tech and expert technicians.

What Is the Life Span of Truck Brakes?

Brakes are arguably one of the most important features of your truck. Brake pads last 50,000 miles on average. Depending on driving frequency and habits, brake pads may last longer or shorter. A good rule of thumb is that when your truck gets near a 50,000-mile increment, it’s time to consider replacing the pads.

What Impacts the Life Span of Diesel Truck Brakes?

Braking hard wears down brake pads faster. Gradual braking causes less intense wear to pads. Where you drive also impact wear on brakes. Long highways where you spend more time cruising than braking mean that your brakes last longer. Driving around towns and through red lights means that you spend more time braking

What Are Signs That Brakes Need Servicing?

After driving on roads for a long time, you know your truck well. You can tell when something feels off or different than it used to. Brake wear happens so gradually that it may be more difficult to identify. You can look for the following signs.

Your brake pedal loses effectiveness. You may notice that you must apply more pressure than before to slow down or stop. When you do apply pressure, your truck may need a longer stopping distance. Brake fluid leaks are a common concern for this issue, especially if you notice a sudden or significant difference.

Hear a screeching sound when you use the brake? That’s a definite sign that something is wrong with your brakes. Unusual noises should always be addressed immediately – whether you suspect that it’s your brakes or something else on the truck.

Many diesel trucks have advanced warning lights that signal an issue before it becomes a major problem. If a warning light comes on for your diesel truck’s brake system, pay attention and get it to a service center as soon as you can.

There are warning lights in some diesel trucks specifically for the brakes. You should always pay attention to this as they can tell you there’s a problem long before it gets any worse. You should also pay attention to if your diesel truck pulls to one side or the other. Many things can cause veering, and brake problems may be a contributing factor.

Regular Brake Service is Always Recommended

Even without any of these warning signs, brakes require regular servicing to extend the life of your diesel truck. A brake servicing appointment can take as little as 15 minutes to change the brake pads, and up to several hours to replace the entire brake system.

Keep in mind that changing out your truck’s brakes may uncover other problems, too. Addressing issues early on and taking care of your diesel truck pays off in the long run.

To learn more about our brake services at United Fleet Services, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today or book in with us