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Diesel Engine Maintenance Service Overview

‍Whether it's light, medium, or heavy-duty engine repair or complete engine refurbishment, these elements are sometimes overlooked in engine maintenance. Experiencing an engine breakdown can be costly, both financially and in terms of downtime. Knowing how to properly care for your engine can save both time and money when issues arise. When an engine refurbishment becomes necessary, updating engine components can enhance its longevity and efficiency. For all your engine maintenance and refurbishment needs, United Fleet Services in St. Louis, MO, is here to assist.

Why prioritize heavy-duty engine repair?

‍Prompt engine repairs can enhance and extend the engine's lifespan. Addressing these concerns early on can prevent bigger complications in the future. Opting for a trusted diesel engine service center, like United Fleet Services, comes with several advantages, including warranty-backed services and expert advice on preventing potential engine issues.

Why is a heavy-duty engine overhaul crucial?

‍Refreshing your engine to either meet or surpass original manufacturer specifications is beneficial. Engines that have been refurbished in this manner tend to be more powerful, durable, and fuel-efficient than those that haven't been overhauled. This process ensures the engine operates more efficiently by reducing wear and improving engine compression.

For further information on light, medium, or heavy-duty engine repair and refurbishment services in St. Louis, MO, we invite you to reach out to our team at United Fleet Services.

Fleet Exhaust System Repair Services

‍The exhaust system in your truck plays a critical role not only for safety but also in minimizing the vehicle's environmental impact. The primary role of an exhaust system is to ensure harmful emissions don't accumulate within and around your truck.

‍A well-maintained exhaust system can also enhance your truck's fuel efficiency. At United Fleet Services in St. Louis, MO, our technicians possess the expertise to handle exhaust systems across all vehicles

‍Due to the potential environmental and health risks associated with malfunctioning exhaust systems, there are rigorous governmental standards for fleet truck maintenance. To meet these requirements, our skilled mechanics employ advanced, computer-controlled diagnostic equipment.

‍Exhaust systems and emissions controls have seen significant advancements over the years. At United Fleet Services, we offer comprehensive maintenance services, from addressing simple issues like damaged pipes to intricate computer-driven procedures that regulate the fuel-to-air ratio.

‍While a well-functioning exhaust system contributes to a quieter engine, its primary value lies in the protection it offers to the environment and the health and safety of individuals in proximity.

‍Issues in the combustion process can lead to harmful emissions. For instance, a malfunctioning catalytic converter can result in the excessive release of noxious gases. Plus, exposure to challenging terrains and conditions might cause the exhaust system's components to rust or become dislodged.

Common Truck Exhaust Challenges

‍The exhaust system is held in place using clamps and hangers. Should these fail, your truck might display signs of exhaust system malfunction such as:

  • Illumination of the check engine light
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Unusual rattling sounds
  • Diminished engine performance
  • Failure during emissions testing
  • If any of these symptoms arise, we encourage you to visit United Fleet Services. Our specialized team will identify the root of the problem, and, whether repair or replacement is the optimal solution, it will be resolved

Consistent truck exhaust service, encompassing regular system inspections, is paramount for optimal performance. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to help you. United Fleet Services is your dependable commercial vehicle partner.

Oil & Fluid Service Overview

‍Heavy-duty trucks, gas and diesel engines are oil-driven, meaning oil is utilized across most components. This underscores the significance of oil and fluid services to ensure your equipment runs optimally for extended periods. A typical service, like oil changes offered at local service centers or dealerships, can prevent leaks and extend the engine's life.

For superior oil and fluid services in the St. Louis, Missouri area, your go-to choice should be United Fleet Services. Our team of professional technicians and state-of-the-art equipment will provide prompt services to minimize your downtime, and keep your equipment optimized.

Why are professional oil and fluid services crucial for your fleet?

‍Consistent oil and fluid checks and changes are paramount. Quick-burning or leaking oil might cause serious harm to your truck's engine. Low or escaping oil can end up in the engine's cylinders, posing a risk of oil-soaked pistons seizing. Moreover, timely replacement of oil filters is vital, as clean oil circulation is indispensable for peak performance and prolonging the truck's life.

What other truck fluids should be on your radar?

‍Beyond oil, trucks require attention to a myriad of fluids. Services for trucks, irrespective of their size, encompass oil changes, filter swaps, pan gasket replacements, pump adjustments or fixes, oil cooler line flushes, differential service, power steering fluid service, cylinder head replacements, piston or connecting rod changes, oil pan cleaning, oil separator changes, transmission and brake fluid checks, and even topping-up washer fluid.